12 months step 3 are confirmed and you may currently within the manufacturing

12 months step 3 are confirmed and you may currently within the manufacturing

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  • Complex Nurturing Twelfth grade
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Kikyo was a teen girl that is believed highly attractive by this new guys inside her class or other men throughout the college. Their signature try the girl quick beige-colored hair combined with gradient crimson attention. She’s plus known for which have a well-blessed shape and you can the typical level. Whenever she’s outside university, she wears a light blue top that have ideas regarding white and you may possess an effective teal-colored jacket layer it.


Kikyo is sold with astounding dominance certainly one of college students once the D-Class’ idol whom is designed to get along with visitors not only within the D-Category, due to the fact shown when she extended this lady give so you’re able to Honami Ichinose from B-Category. She tries to get along really having Suzune Horikita (Kikyo’s classmate), nevertheless second coldly refuses this lady gestures away from relationship many time.

It’s revealed that she has also a beneficial rancorous front so you’re able to their personality and this she covers off anyone. She publicly professed the lady hatred to own Suzune and you will cursed the woman regular, and this Kiyotaka Ayanokoji unintentionally overheard. Shortly after she trapped your seeing the girl tantrum, she threatened your never to give some one about it, if you don’t she would accuse him regarding sexual assault immediately following purposely getting their hands and you may putting them on her behalf boobs to depart fingerprints. She along with experienced zero doubt otherwise uneasiness whenever she set their hand on her behalf own nipple while the proof this lady accusation. She gone back to the woman kind-hearted care about once the guy promised however continue this lady magic, which leftover him to help you concern more than hence personality she exhibited try genuine. Despite their good disdain having Suzune, she still attempts to befriend her in order to get to their goal. Even in the event she blackmailed Kiyotaka to save the girl magic, she nevertheless interacts that have your openly following experience. Nonetheless, the second today treats this lady to the upmost out of warning and you may uncertainty on account of the lady several-confronted identification.

In a personal discussion with Kiyotaka, she showed that her hate to own Suzune is due to the fresh new latter lacking a hidden front unlike herself. With this interaction, she acted really at last which was juxtaposed so you’re able to the woman criminal tendencies Kiyotaka is actually ready to accept. Even though, section of their almost every other-self was seen later whenever she called Kiyotaka mean for getting unclear inside the answer her concern. The woman facade was praiseworthy as the she has were able to dupe many their co-workers to your believing that she was an excellent bubbling and you may solicitous private, yet not, keen perceiver including Airi Sakura and you may Ichika Amasawa was basically in a position so you can conclude there was significantly more to her than she lets towards.

Regarding drama Video game which ultimately shows the characters’ lifestyle, this lady character is actually clearly shown. She always prepares an inside-do-list although hanging out with her band of ‘friends’. After verifying the players, she’ll prepare yourself you’ll be able to courses from step, dialogue subjects, phrasing, and you can good-have to say sentence beforehand so as to not leave any weaknesses to enable them to mine or keep against the lady. With this specific, she believes one to no weaknesses usually happen to slip away. While doing so, she believed that someone else will not have the chance to hearsay trailing the lady back and damage her a beneficial girl image specifically after she visited comprehensive lengths to preserve it.

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