If this came to fruition, Harley and you can Ivy believed Catwoman’s reference to Batman was this new stimulant on split-up

If this came to fruition, Harley and you can Ivy believed Catwoman’s reference to Batman was this new stimulant on split-up

New Gotham Sirens or Gotham Lady try a team of female villains comprising Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman. He’s has worked along with her in order to to go criminal activities but over the years, the team partly elizabeth a whole lot more possessed from the their motivations:


  • Harley Quinn became even more obsessed by Joker along with his plans hence Catwoman and you will Poison Ivy highly disliked.
  • Catwoman sided which have Batman progressively usually and this generated this lady untrustworthy in order to Harley Quinn and you may Poison Ivy.
  • Poison Ivy became even more possessed to the welfare out of their herbs unlike human beings therefore she even more distanced by herself away from Harley Quinn and you may Catwoman.

Arkham Asylum Incident

Into the Joker’s takeover away from Arkham Island, Harley Quinn met Poison Ivy in her own cellphone on Penitentiary. Ivy begged Harley becoming help totally free, while the she thought the woman “babies” have been in peril. Harley checked unwilling, just like the Ivy wasn’t into Joker’s class listing, but provided during the using their friendship. Ivy is actually lay totally free and made the lady means to fix the newest Organic Landscapes. Harley try after ward beaten by Batman and you may locked aside. Ivy is contaminated by TITAN, which caused this lady flowers to wreck Arkham Island. Little afterwards, yet not, she are beaten by Batman, too, and you will sent back to this lady telephone. Catwoman wasn’t present to your isle, allegedly that have escaped prior to the Joker’s go back to brand new isle.

Just before Arkham Area

Following the Arkham Asylum experience, Harley Quinn’s attract is purely to your treating the brand new Joker thus she had no experience of the girl other Sirens during this experience. She and her “Puddin'” fled their tissue and you can took a boat and you will wound up, on the wonder, for the Arkham Area. It generated the Metal Factory its hide out and acted away its plans from that point.

Just after surviving the results out of TITAN, a resentful Warden Clear sent Poison Ivy so you can Arkham Urban area. Catwoman, yet not, saved the woman regarding the TYGER shields and decrease Ivy of within Gotham Playground. Catwoman mentioned that she’d drinking water Poison Ivy’s herbs, and that she up coming failed to create. Shortly after, Ivy is apprehended by Batman and delivered to the latest Arkham City mega-prison.

Catwoman afterwards went to Sharp’s workplace during the asylum for taking Two-Face’s photos of the plans out-of Arkham Area. When TYGER guards burst for the space, Catwoman try drawn to help you coverage because of the Batman. not, when she seen the latest credit regarding One or two-Face’s camera is destroyed, she looked down and you can noticed just like the Two-Deal with swallowed the fresh cards. Intensely, Catwoman popped down and knocked Two-Face to the flooring, just before becoming surrounded by TYGER guards. She ended up being taken to Arkham Urban area.

Arkham City Event

In situations of Arkham Town, Harley remained separated in the most other Sirens while the she is actually also hectic taking care of the new terminally ill Joker.

Meanwhile, Catwoman made a decision to call in Ivy’s help when she required a great cure for go into the Confiscated Products Container with a “female’s touch”. On fulfilling her, an angered Ivy tied up Catwoman right up in her flowers, inclined to eliminate this lady for not taking good care of Ivy’s vegetation. Whenever she explained it so you can Catwoman, even in the event, aforementioned proposed to acquire Ivy this lady plant when the she you certainly will let her towards the vault. Ivy hesitantly agreed and aided Catwoman into container.

In the vault, Catwoman fulfilled Ivy’s bush, whether or not, she killed it, given that payback to have Ivy tying the girl upwards in her plant life. When she returned to talk to Ivy, she attributed the fresh death of the fresh bush for the Unusual.

After Arkham Town Experience

Once retrieving the lady stolen products off One or two-Face, Catwoman allegedly escaped new super-prison without having to be stuck. How it happened so you’re able to Ivy is actually unknown, whether or not she almost certainly escaped infant custody also. Harley escaped custody and you will returned to the fresh Material Mill, plotting their payback against Batman to own allegedly destroying the fresh new Joker.

After, Harley Quinn broke Poison Ivy off Bludhaven, possibly voluntarily as a couple of Sirens remained family unit members. Right here, she is ambushed from the Nightwing just who Harley battled and you may was removed off of the Poison Ivy’s plant life.

Arkham Knight Event

Whenever Scarecrow returned to Gotham Town with a decide to damage the fresh new Batman, the guy hired a few of the Dark Knight’s very unsafe villains, along with Harley. Ivy refuted, with felt like that she would today permanently range herself away from humankind. That it angered Scarecrow and you can added this lady to-be locked up inside a safe domestic regarding the Chinatown area away from Gotham, in which Batman saved the lady. He then brought the lady so you’re able to GCPD Lockup. The guy later on needed this lady aid in ridding Gotham off Scarecrow’s Fear Killer. She assisted your voluntarily and effectively spared Gotham, albeit with the cost of her very own lives.

Harley at the same time assaulted good quarantine region Batman and you may Robin got put as much as make an effort to dump the new “Joker Problem” having influenced 5 anybody, because of her or him not receiving blood transfusions to obtain Joker’s blood away from her or him. When you are Harley been able to bypass Batman’s cover and you may free the “Joker clones”, she while the clones have been ultimately cic Duo, Harley being locked up in one of the quarantine structure.

Catwoman was not mixed up in night of occurrences, once the she is inside the Pinkney Orphanage, getting held captive from the Riddler. She wore an alternative necklace, and this called for nine keys to open and you will perform bring about this lady head so you’re able to burst if the she find the wrong secret. She try at some point rescued because of the Batman and assisted him for the bringing along the Riddler, prior to going out of to your nights.

After Arkham Knight Experience

Towards put in which Ivy missing the lady existence, a flower started growing – a tiny art gallery for what she did to have Gotham.

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