Zuko observed so it and you will produced them tea in order to make disease less stressful

Zuko observed so it and you will produced them tea in order to make disease less stressful

Seeking Ursa

Once this lady Agni Kai with Zuko and you will subsequent mental breakdown, Azula’s madness made the lady Zuko’s pity, and you can in place of being taken to jail, like their dad Ozai is, she are purchased a keen asylum toward the regional isle, in which she try consistently monitored. [12] Regardless if she felt the newest psychological state business good “horrible” sense, Azula actually befriended various other patients. [31] From the the following year, she is went along to by the girl sibling, exactly who told her which he got consulted that have Ozai towards numerous era so that you can understand Ursa’s whereabouts, so you’re able to zero get. Responding his obtain assist, Azula mentioned that she called for nothing in exchange for their advice, just like the simple expertise in are out-of service towards the Flame Lord will be enough pleasure. She as well as reported that she was actually thinking too exactly what precisely taken place to their mom following the the girl disappearance six age before. [32]

She was listed in an adjoining cell together with her dad, though they didn’t speak with one another to possess 1 / 2 of an enthusiastic hours. Azula grabbed your hands on brand new tray with her pearly whites, however, leading to Zuko to fall over. She angrily implicated your away from trying to look for their lap up the new refreshment for example an animal given that she would have obtained zero other treatment for take in it if you find yourself confined inside her straitjacket. The girl outburst motivated Ty Lee to help you chi stop the woman, leaving this lady entirely immobile. On account of the girl poor psychological state, Azula expected the woman how “she”, speaking about Ursa, had been able to break the fresh new learn from fear Azula regularly have for her. Until the problem you can expect to escalate any longer, Zuko intervened and you may stated that he previously implied zero spoil and you may simply desired to ease new conversation that have Ozai collectively. [33]

Once are wear her chair once again, the fresh chi banned Azula arrogantly stated that if her sis wished the lady and their dad to have a dignified conversation, the guy will be leave him or her alone, he performed

Whenever Zuko is actually bringing her back into their old residence from inside the the fresh new palace in which she’d getting getting, he asked her even if she had been able so you can coax new expected facts about Ursa’s whereabouts from Ozai. She dodged the question and requested inturn in the event he previously actually ever educated the feeling to be chi banned. When Zuko said he’d maybe not, she continued so you can very carefully describe the feeling, mentioning this option gets very flexible right before regaining the full handle. To show the lady terms and conditions, she twisted the lady case from their straitjacket and you may fired good super bolt in the the woman sister. From the resulting skirmish, she was able to totally free herself entirely and made this lady ways on the a nearby building. Thru a hidden passageway, she went to certainly Ozai’s secret spaces, where she recovered a stack of undelivered letters, and therefore Ursa had written in order to her hometown. In advance of Zuko could take them from their, she burnt them, having currently read him or her herself. She undetectable among them, although not, whilst consisted of suggestions one to ideal Zuko wasn’t in reality Ozai’s child meaning that had no claims to the fresh throne. Clueless you to Ursa typed off incorrect guidance as she understood the newest letter could well be intercepted because of the Ozai, Azula leftover they having leverage therefore she you can expect to at some aplicaciones de citas para nudistas point overthrow Zuko and you may let her aunt accept that all was lost. In exchange for knowledge about just what got printed in the presumably burned page, she expected to-be allowed to squeeze into him towards the their look for their mother. [33]

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